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Japanpage:Sake is a one-stop service specializing in Japanese alcoholic beverages that offers “storytelling + cross-border EC + international small-lot delivery”. This service is operated by id10 japan corporation, their vision is“to define the value of Japan's unique regional characteristics and craftsmanship in the global market."

Japanpage:Sake aims to enhance the reputation of wisdom/philosophy/challenge of Japanese alcoholic beverage companies in the global market. We operate our business with the following goal: -To establish a “sake”category in the global alcohol market

We need to respond to each national market's various needs to achieve our goal - to establish a “sake” category in the global alcohol market.

Without local retailers, Japanpage:Sake cannot meet purchase requests such as “please bring sake tomorrow”, “I want to buy sake now”, and “I want to buy sake after actually seeing the product in store.”

What Japanpage:Sake offers the local retail industry are:“more than 150 brands”, direct purchases from sake breweries”, “direct delivery from Japan”, “small-lot air transportation deliveries”, and“a standard product price globally.”In addition, if making a larger purchase order, we can offer“discounts”as well as an 1) expansion of selected brands, 2) negotiations with sake breweries, 3) small-lot purchases of various types, and 4) low purchase prices.

We hope that the above purchasing methods are useful.