Sake was first mentioned in history books about 1300 years ago.

The primary ingredients are rice and water.
Since rice is starchy, alcohol cannot be made with rice alone.
Sake was made in saccharification and alcohol's simultaneous production using a uniquely evolved manufacturing method called “Multiple Parallel Fermentation.”

Sake has strict rules.
The only ingredients are rice, rice koji (malted rice), and water. Also dosage(adding sugar) is not allowed. In other words, alcohol in which the aroma and flavor have been added or adjusted before shipping are prohibited from being labeled as“sake”.

Under this strict rule, sake is made in sake breweries all over Japan. The combination of the differences in rice varieties, rice polishing rate, water, yeast, manufacturing method, and master brewer's creativity gives the unique aroma and individuality to each sake.

In addition, you can also enjoy selecting a sake cup because depending on the material, such as glass, tin, and pottery, and the shape of the sake cup, the aroma and flavor of sake can be further characterized.Also, with its Umami and acidity, sake complements dishes and expands the various cuisine flavors.

In my twenties and thirties, I didn't like sake because I had a strong image of the drink as“alcohol for getting drunk” rather than “enjoying its flavor”. I wasn’t even aware of the existence of local sake.

I have lived in several countries and have traveled to more than 30 countries around the world, in Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East, where I have interviewed local business people.From this traveling between the wider world and Japan, I realized that rediscovering the “charms of my home country”and sharing them overseas is my mission. And from 2010, I started to focus on discovering the attractiveness of various places in Japan.

“First of all, go to the site!” The advantage of living in Japan is its proximity to regional areas.I have visited all 47 of Japan’s prefectures and had many opportunities to exchange opin ions with craftsmen and brewers.This valuable experience built my fundamental conception. Each time, I was fascinated by the local products born from the geographical and cultural background and the way of life and attitudes of the craftsmen who produce them.

・The craftsman’s spirit In any circumstances, environment and conditions, craftsmen elevate their skills,
utilize their wisdom, and complete their masterpieces without compromise.

・The evolution of skills and techniques In a time of accelerating change,
the evolution of skills and techniques has been inherited for decades or even hundreds of years with combined craftsmen's originality.

・Sensational sake Sensational sake has a distinctive aroma
and flavor made from the region's unique rice, water and natural environment.

I am willing to take all necessary action to convey this “masterpiece” created by craftsmen who have inherited techniques, sensibility, and wisdom over many generations in the ever-changing nature and environment. I also would like to convey the craftsman’s spirit and perspective in their masterpiece to people worldwide.

Masterpieces cannot be mass-produced, which is an issue, but the rareness makes them more attractive eternally.I thought that the conventional PR, communication and delivery method had limitations.

The reason why we, a branding service operator, provide cross-border EC and international shipping is that “we would like to deliver the impressive experience to the people currently looking for masterpieces all over the world.” We cannot deliver an inspiring experience unless we address bottlenecks and work to resolve them.

Japanpage:Sake has the desire and determination to “delivering the masterpiece made from Japanese rice and high-quality water, that Japan is proud of “directly” to the customer worldwide.” Therefore, we aim to solve the problem of “not being able to deliver.”In addition to sake, we offer shochu, umeshu, whiskey, and tea, all of which are made by taking advantage of the regional characteristics and ingredients. We also offer sake cup made by traditional craftsmen having great wisdom. We hope that customers have a blissful time through our delivery.

Katsunari Sawada
Japanpage: Founder

01. We deliver masterpieces finished by craftsmen who have mastered traditional and innovative techniques that have evolved for 1300 years.

02. We only deliver Craft Sake (local sake), which has been highly evaluated in Japan and overseas.

03. We deliver the necessary stories and products to learn more about Japanese alcoholic beverages and enjoy them more deeply.