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Japanpage:Sake is a one-stop service specializing in Japanese alcoholic beverages that offers “storytelling + cross-border EC + international small-lot delivery”. This service is operated by id10 japan corporation, their vision is“to define the value of Japan's unique regional characteristics and craftsmanship in the global market."

Japanpage:Sake aims to enhance the reputation of wisdom/philosophy/challenge of Japanese alcoholic beverage companies in the global market. We operate our business with the following goal: -To establish a “sake”category in the global alcohol market

Sake is an alcohol, made from rice, that contains much “Umami.” The amino acid content rating is said to be “1” for beer, “3” for wine, and “8” for sake, which is surprisingly high. On its own, you can enjoy the “Umami” and “acidity”of various sake, however sake is an alcohol beverage with a mystical power that expands the flavors of cuisine. Another feature is that sake can be enjoyed at various temperatures. It is said that there are between 10,000 to 30,000 brands of sake, and it is a pleasure to find a sake that complements a signature dish.

There are two types of shochu: Korui shochu, made through increasing the alcohol content, and Otsurui shochu, made by carefully considering the aroma and taste of the ingredients. Because shochu is made from ingredients such as rice, wheat, potatoes, buckwheat, and brown sugar, there are many types of shochu and each has distinct characteristics. Due to its high alcohol content, you can enjoy shochu in various ways - such as mixing it with carbonated water, juice, and both hot and cold water. You can enjoy experimenting with different combinations for optimal dining and ways of drinking.

Umeshu and other liqueurs are popular because of their moderate sweetness and ease of drinking. They are made by steeping the ingredients in sugar. The ingredients for umeshu are the plum and those of other liqueurs are various fruits and flowers.The finished product is appealing with a rich texture, sweet flavors, and a mellow aroma. umeshu is often drunk as an apéritif, but the liqueur goes well with various dishes and desserts. Umeshu is an attractive drink. By alternating mixers, such as soda and ice, to complement the menu,it can be enjoyed with a wide variety of dishes – from those with light, refreshing tastes to those with rich flavors.

In Japan, there are whiskeys made by sake breweries. Therefore, the whiskeys are made with the same high-quality water used for sake production – thereby rendering them special. Japanese whiskey, which is difficult to obtain overseas due to the small production, allows you to enjoy the mellow aroma and taste of whiskey while imagining the unique natural features and environment of each brewery.

Tea is a Japanese product that is difficult to export due to pesticide residue regulations, but Japanpage:Sake introduces selected “bottled teas” and “tea leaves”that can be exported. Tea is a non-alcoholic beverage in which the taste changes depending on the brewers’ individual skill. However, bottled teas contain the aromas and flavors identified by craftsmen, so that you can enjoy the finest Japanese teas.

We only introduce tea leaves of the highest grade - selecting them based on growers' passion, any achievements/prizes, and the geographical characteristics of locales across Japan. Please enjoy the taste of quality Japanese tea.

Depending on the material and shape of the sake cup, the aroma and taste of alcohol can be further characterized. At Japanpage:Sake, you can find sake cup made of materials such as glass / wood / bamboo / pottery / porcelain / iron / tin / copper / lacquer / acrylic, as well as those made by craftsmen whose skills have been passed down from generation to generation.

What Japanpage:Sake can offer to those the restaurants already handling Japanese alcoholic and those considering handling are: “small-lot purchases of various brands”, “direct purchases from sake breweries”, “directly delivery from Japan”, “small-lot air transportation delivery”, “a standard product price globally”. In addition, if making a larger purchase order, we can offer“discounts”as well as an 1) expansion of selected brands, 2) negotiations with sake breweries, 3) small-lot purchases of various types, and 4) low purchase prices. We hope that the above purchasing methods are useful.