Thank you very much for visiting Japanpage:Sake.

Japanpage:Sake is a one-stop service specializing in Japanese alcoholic beverages that offers “storytelling + cross-border EC + international small-lot delivery”. This service is operated by id10 japan corporation, their vision is“to define the value of Japan's unique regional characteristics and craftsmanship in the global market".

Japanpage:Sake aims to enhance the reputation of wisdom/philosophy/challenge of Japanese alcoholic beverage companies in the global market. We operate our business with the following goals:

-To establish a“sake category” in the global alcohol market.
-To provide a mechanism for small Japanese alcoholic beverage companies to sell products and create fans in the global market.

Japanpage:Sake has attracted attention as a non-conventional innovative service that includes“story-telling product introductions”, as well as allowing “direct customer orders”, “direct purchases from sake breweries”, “direct delivery from Japan”, “small-lot air transportation delivery”, and “a standard product price globally”.

As a promise to purchasers, selected brands are “Japanese alcoholic beverages made by award-winning brewers in domestic and international competitions.”

[Participation requirements]
Must be Japanese alcoholic beverages made by brewers who have won awards in both domestic and international competitions.

・Shochu (distilled spirits)
・Umeshu (plum wines)

[Participation fee]
An initial fee and brand registration fee are required.