Thank you very much for visiting Japanpage:Sake.

Japanpage:Sake is a one-stop service specializing in Japanese alcoholic beverages that offers “storytelling + cross-border EC + international small-lot delivery”. This service is operated by id10 japan corporation, their vision is“to define the value of Japan's unique regional characteristics and craftsmanship in the global market."

Japanpage:Sake aims to enhance the reputation of wisdom/philosophy/challenge of Japanese alcoholic beverage companies in the global market. We operate our business with the following goals:
-To establish a “sake”category in the global alcohol market
-To provide a mechanism for small Japanese alcoholic beverage companies to sell products
and create fans in the global market
-To provide a mechanism for specialists on Japanese alcoholic beverages to generate income.

“Specialist on Japanese alcoholic beverages “ means that people selected from the open recruitment on the condition that they have the qualification of Japanese alcoholic beverages, and are called Sake Insiders. Our wish is to create a system in which the evaluation from the market is directly returned to those who act to raise awareness and palatability of Japanese alcoholic beverages through appropriate knowledge, abundant experience and passion. Therefore, the Sake Insider program has started.

As a Sake Insider, please use your expertise to create articles that foster “I want to see it,” “I want to buy it,” and “I want to introduce it to my friends.” Also, I would like you to encourage other Sake Insiders on SNS and play a role in the excitement of Japanese alcoholic beverages. The organizer provides the “Sake Insider advanced program” to further improve the expressiveness and writing skills of Sake Insiders.

[Participation Requirements]
Having the qualification of sake.
Agreed to the goals of the Japanpage and are willing to work.